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Enterprise Houston Ship Channel L.P. Terminal operates under strict safety, health and environmental (SHE) procedures to ensure that products are being safely stored, loaded and unloaded. It is subject to the SEVESO guidelines and operates under a License to Operate (LtO) granted by the authorities. It hires experienced suppliers and contractors that endorse its professional SHE procedures. Suppliers’ activities are monitored on a regular basis, to ensure that operational checks, management systems and current SHE performances comply with Alkion Terminals criteria. Quality management is embedded in the operational procedures and a code of conduct is in place.

We work to minimize damage to the environment – through harmful emissions, for example, or accidental spills. We have a clear responsibility, in this respect, to the communities in which we operate. Vopak has a robust environmental management process. Our Environmental Management System is included in Vopak’s internal standards.

We have put in place a program of improvements at our terminals to further reduce emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs can cause air pollution and may pose a health risk, which is why we assess not only the emissions themselves, but also their overall social impact – which we aim to reduce by at least 20%. We work hard to make our carbon footprint smaller and our ambition is to be climate neutral by 2050.

Safety and health

We handle hazardous products – so safety is our number one priority. We have company-wide safety principles, the Vopak fundamentals. Care for safety, health and the environment is built into both our Code of Conduct and our Supplier Code. We provide rigorous safety training to those working at Enterprise Houston Ship Channel L.P. locations.

Enterprise Houston Ship Channel L.P. implements in all its terminals safety fundamentals that include guidelines on transferring products, managing change, on permits, lock-out – tag-out, excavation, motorized vehicles, and working in confined spaces and at heights – a common cause of accidents in the industry. Alerts are sent out following incidents, and every quarter management discusses safety performance and lessons learned.

Preparing for emergencies

Given the nature of our business, there’s always the possibility of a safety incident. Our Terminal Health Assessment (THA) and Assure program focuses on major accident prevention. Terminals are regularly audited to make sure they meet the standards. Our assets – tanks, pipelines, pumps and jetties – are regularly maintained.

Enterprise Houston Ship Channel L.P.’s terminals are equipped and tested annually on their emergency and crisis response. At our terminals, a typical Emergency Response Plan (ERP) includes different scenarios, as well as recommended responses and escalation procedures. Local authorities are also involved closely in drawing up these ERPs.

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