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Making impact as a responsible value creator

Embedding sustainability in our company culture goes far beyond guidelines and procedures. It is about creating awareness on topics that range from the environment to human rights and engaging more and more people inside and outside of LBC to participate in sustainability improvement initiatives and take ownership in them. We believe in the big impact of small changes and even the smallest projects can be change drivers. By engaging with our colleagues and by teaming up with external business partners, we will continue to make a positive impact as the connected partner for sustainable storage solutions.

Employee sustainability

Our industry is in constant evolution. We encourage everyone who works with us to learn more, stay up to date with new technology and practices, and pursue new abilities and knowledge while building on the insights and experience they have already gained. As such, we offer a diverse range of training courses that ensure our employees have the opportunity to expand their horizons.

Reporting on progress

Sustainability is deeply integrated into our culture and considered in everything we do. Our sustainability reports reflect our sustainable and responsible business practices, our current performance, the progress we have made, and our ambitions for further improvement. We have identified the 13 goals below to concretize our commitment to responsible business management.


Enterprise Houston Ship Channel L.P.’s mission is to store, handle and transport oils, chemicals and other liquid products in the most safe, efficient and sustainable way as practically possible. We take full ownership in becoming a sustainable company.


We aim to be one of the leading sustainable terminal operators by deploying continuous improvement programs with a strong focus on innovation, safety and automation. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society.


Sustainability has become a core part of our strategy. Therefore, in order to be one of the leading sustainable terminal operators, we offer tailor made solutions to support the energy transition. Furthermore, by starting to understand and measure our impact on the key subjects within the environmental, governance & social topics, we engage our employees and stakeholders to develop sustainable plans and achieve goals. Our solid safety performance history is a well-established fact and we will continue to be a leader in this area and its compliance, because of our professional and dedicated personnel of storage maintenance.

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